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Unless stated otherwise, each Leatherman Multi-Tool sold by Skemer is supplied with a free-, custom-, serial numbered-, handmade Leather Pouch, manufactured by our friends over at Bull and Satchel :-) This is in addition to the Nylon pouch you'd get in the box and our effort to bring back the days when Leatherman's got supplied with a timeless sound that only leather can bring.

Nothing we can say can promote the brand more. It goes without saying that Leatherman's the number #1 Multi-tool brand globally.

All we can do is shortlist a few of the best (out of the whole range we've owned and tested). Our selection's based on sturdiness/robustness/durability (yes, there are one or two we won't consider again), blade- and saw length and features such as bit acceptance and replaceable wire cutters etc.

Unlike flashlights and power banks, the choice over which Leatherman to go with comes down to fine detail and borderline nitpicking. They all have roughly the same tools, mostly made of the same material, complete most tasks equally good and hence you're less likely to own more than two, where the second is almost to be the workhorse in the stable, the Surge. Give us a shout if you need more information or want to exchange Leatherman war stories :-)

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