Before anything else, unless stated otherwise, every Nitecore Flashlight you buy from Skemer is supplied with a free- (no, really, we took the knock on this one), custom-, serial numbered leather pouch handmade by our friends over at Bull and Satchel :-)  This is the value addition we strive for and believe additions such as these, which are exclusive to Skemer and our partner Voetspore, round the products off that we promote. Some Tactical Flashlights, supplied with Tactical Holsters are not supplied with Leather Pouch

Why Nitecore? We've been through most brands of flashlights that are and were available in South Africa over the last few years and the decision came down to robustness, longevity of the flashlight and  - accessories and support. Despite other brands offering good options, as all three criteria were important, Nitecore ticked the box and we've been avid supporters since day one. 

You'll find our review under the respective buying pages for each flashlight. Look out for "Skemer's review of the..".  The common question/consideration is always the power in lumens when talking flashlights and although this is accurate for most part, we hoped to highlight others as well. Please spend time on each flashlights photos (info slides really) for in-depth technical consideration such as drop resistance, IP ratings etc.