Dual Height Stretcher (Tan)

Dual Height Stretcher (Tan)

SKU: SKNH_DH_Stretcher

Skemer's review of the Dual Height Stretcher:

Not only is the Naturehike Dual Height Stretcher the most comfortable stretcher we've ever used, the quality, durability and load rating is exceptional. At a 150kg load rating, yet only weighing in at 3kg and only 50cm long when folded up, this stretcher fits right into the small form camping and biking brackets with the guarantee that it will withstand years of use. The fact that it allows to be erected in one of two heights, allows for using it in even smaller, hiking tents, without giving up on the exceptional comfort. We've had numerous other small form stretchers, but nothing comes close to the total package that this stretcher offers

  • Technical Specifications

    Dimensions 1900 x 650 x 380mm (h) / 1900 x 650 x 180mm (h)



    550 x 190mm
    Weight 3190g



    Material 7075 aluminium, oxford cloth