Imalent MS08

Imalent MS08


Skemer's review of the Imalent MS08:

When it comes to the lumens- war, Imalent leads it..and by far. The largest production flashlight, the Imalent MS18 with its 100,000 Lumens if proof of this. Since the MS18's release, Imalent has been spearheading the release of smaller, more manageable and usable flashlights that amazes non-stop. The MS08 is part of a new range of high-lumens lights that features an exo-skeleton with built-in fans (powered by a built in battery) that aims to keep the MS08 cool in aid of longer runtimes on high-lumens and keeps the aluminium body away from skin for the user’s protection. With high-lumens, comes exceptionally high temperatures and the exo-skeleton has changed the game of how usable these type of lights now are. Due to the exo-skeleton, the MS08 boasts runtimes on the 34,000 and 10,000 lumens levels that surpasses all other lights on the market right now. Our testing shows 20seconds on 34,000 lumens after which it will drop to 10,000 lumens  - you are allowed to hit turbo again immediately for another 15-20 seconds after which the MS08 will drop to 10,000 lumens for about 2 minutes when turbo will be available again, unless you wish to remain on 10,000 lumens (or any of the lower levels that you can select anytime) that the MS08 will run for 2hrs+. The temperature regulation on the MS08 does an absolute stunning job from protecting the user and flashlight from high-temperatures whilst also making the MS08 perfectly usable as 40seconds/per turbo is a very very very long runtime  time for such high lumens. In stark contrast to this are other sub-  10,000 lumens lights that only run their 10,000 lumens levels for 6-9 seconds at a time without the option to hit turbo immediately again. The MS08, being a coke-can-size light, makes it a perfect belt carry and companion on your hunts, camps or S&R’s

  • Technical Specifications

    LED 8 pieces of American CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs
    Batteries (21700-4000mAh*3)



    Up To 34000 Lumens
    Runtime Up To 30h



    136000cd (Max.)
    Distance 738m (Max.)



    74mm(length)*51mm(head diameter)*125.5mm(body diameter)
    Weight 651g(battery included)



    IP Rating IPX-8 standard waterproof 




    Charger, O-rings, Shoulder straps, User manual