Jetbeam C8 Pro

Jetbeam C8 Pro


Skemer's review of the C8 Pro:

It just feels right. All of it. The spot/flood ratio on this 1200 lumens C8 is perfect and just what you would expect from something that's marketed as "all-purpose outdoor". Its size, the fact that it fits perfectly in the hand, the side switch, the simplicity of the user interface, the performance that doesn't stand back for any tactical- or more powerful lights. Everything comes together to give general outdoor enthusiast the perfect all-rounder. This is that light you keep in the backpack or cubby-hole. We absolutely love it.

  • Technical Specifications

    Max Lumens 1200 lumens
    Max Bem Distance 230m
    Max Beam Intensity 13800cd
    Max Runtime 150hrs
    LED SST-40 N4 BC
    Reflector Coated Metal
    Battery 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A
    Special Mode UV Light
    Length 117mm
    Head Size 32.7mm
    Weight 99.7g