Jetbeam Mini One SE

Jetbeam Mini One SE


Skemer's review of the Mini One SE:

On the face of it, the Mini One SE looks like a Nitecore Tiki, but it's vastly different in most aspects. I boasts a maximum 500 Lumens main beam and three (Red, Green, Blue) Auxiliary LEDs that can be set to various modes. It features a UV light and Glow-in-the-dark Casing. It has an integrated Type-C charging port with built in Li-Ion battery. Our key-chains just got got best upgrade in 2022!

  • Technical Specifications

    Max Lumens 500 Lumens
    Max Bem Distance 85m
    Max Beam Intensity 1800cd
    Max Runtime 17hrs
    LED Cree XP-3G
    Battery Integrated
    Special Mode UV Light
    Length 54mm
    Head Size 14.6mm
    Weight 12.3g