Lumintop Thor 2 (Grey)

Lumintop Thor 2 (Grey)


Skemer's review of the Thor 2:

It's a LEP, not an LED. What's "LEP"? Lazer Excited Phospor. A lazer inside the flashlight strikes Phospor and excites a white light beam that is super concentrated. What do you get in return for considering a LEP? A 1.8km (yes, one point eight kilometers) capable spotlight that weighs 125g (yes, 4 packs of small chips) that fits in a back pocket! It only emits 500 lumens, which equates to longer running times. For comparison, the Nitecore TM39 has similar beam intensity specs, but it's LED and hence needs x10 more lumens to achieve this, weighs and dimensions alot more to the point that it needs a shoulder sling to be carried and is x3 the price of the Thor 2, then the Thor 2 makes perfect sense. Think long distance after-dark shooting and tactical when considering the Thor 2. Not for distances shorter than 200m.

  • Technical Specifications

    Light source: White Laser Emitter

    Output: 500 lumens on High

    Distance: Max up to 1800 meters

    Intensity: 769,500cd (Max)

    Power: 9W (Max)

    Max Runtime on 500 Lumens: 2h55m

    Battery:18650 Li-ion via the extension tube 

    Switch: Rear E-switch with RGB light

    Material: Aluminum

    Waterproof: IPX-8, underwater 2m

    Size: 41.5*28*118mm (Head Ø*Tube*Length)

    Net Weight: 125g (Aluminum)


  • Package Contents

    1 x Thor 2 (Grey)

    1 x Extension Tube (to accommodate 18650)

    1 x Charger

    1 x High Current Discharge 18650 Li-Ion Battery