Nitecore HC33 + Free Custom Leather Pouch

Nitecore HC33 + Free Custom Leather Pouch

SKU: SKN-104

Skemer's review of the HC33 

For its price and performance, there's no headlamp out there that we'd consider right now....and we've had these for a while already.


It's probably our go-to flashlight for when we know returning to camp's going to be a late one tonight and with rifles and gear, our hands are tied up. This headlamp's always in a backpak. It takes up no space at all, but packs a 1800 Lumens punch and has a reach of almost 200m which is perfect for when finding your way back to camp, being active in and outside the campsite or preparing dinner's the priority for the night. As avid adventure motorcyclists, the HC33 works best for packing gear at night at Drotsky's in Botswana before we leave for Katima the next morning...and tumble on the way there :-0 But, the HC33 made it and came in handy to plaster as much as we could together that night in camp next to the Zambezi river :-)


Headlamps are useful for when your hands need to be free, but a strap rolled up makes for a bulky item in you pocket. Have a look at our smaller handheld flashlights for when always being with you on a belt is a must.


A leather pouch makes sense for a head light. Without it, it's a bulky item in a back/front pocket. So, we designed one, fully enclosing this high-end unit to protect it when not in use

  • Technical Specifications

    Max Output 1800 lumens
    Max Beam Distance 187 m
    Max Beam Intensity 8750 cd
    Max Runtime 330 h 0 m / 13.75 d
    Reflector SMO
    Battery 1 × 18650 ,2 × CR123
    Special Modes Location Beacon,SOS,Strobe
    Beam color White light
    Length 105.3 mm / 4.14 in
    Head Size 25.5 mm / 1 in
    Weight  51.2 g / 1.8 oz


  • Package Contents

    Nitecore H33 Headlamp.

    Custom Skemer Leather Pouch

    1 x 18650 3500mAh 8A High Drain Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery.

    F1 Charger including USB Charge Cable.

    Head strap.

    Small accessories such as spare O-ring and belt clip