Nitecore MBL21 Intelligent Battery System

Nitecore MBL21 Intelligent Battery System


Skemer's review of the MBL21:

Lantern, Charger, Power Bank and Spare Battery. All in one. Fits in you back pocket. Whether you're into flashlights or not, at some point you'll find the need for light, backup power or both. The MBL21 is exactly that. Perfect as EDC or Emergencies.


Some of the main features:

1) Snap the magnetic MPB21 Charger onto the 5000mAh NL2150HPi battery and either charge the battery (through micro usb port) or have it act as Power Bank (through USB-A Out) for any other USB-Power devices such as Mobile Phones, GPSs or Flashlights

2) Dropping the ML21 (Mini Lantern) into the 5000mAh NL2150HPi battery turns it into a high CRI,  80 lumen lantern that can run for 19 hours!

3) The 5000mAh NL2150HPi battery fits perfectly into the P20i or i4000r, so a spare battery for either is now ticked off!


Coupled with the Skemer SKSP Range of Solar Panels, this is the perfect off-grid power and light solution.

  • Technical Specifications


    LED Natural White LED
    Maximum Brightness 80 lumen
    Beam Diameter 13 yards
    Beam Intensity 9 cd
    Color Temperature CRI: ≥90; 4000-4500K
    Runtime 19 hours
    Dimensions Length - 2.1" Diameter - 0.87''
    Weight 0.39 oz



    Input 5V-2A (Max)
    Output Voltage (Battery) 4.2V±1%
    Output Voltage (USB) 5V±5%
    Output Current 2A (Max)
    Dimensions Length - 0.93'' Diameter - 0.87''
    Weight 0.35 oz
  • Package Contents

    NITECORE NL2150HPi battery

    ML21 magnetic light

    MPB21 magnetic power bank

    Organizer case