Nitecore MH12S+ Tactical Holster

Nitecore MH12S+ Tactical Holster


Skemer's Review of the MH12S

This is not just a simple uprade to the MH12GTS that's been a best seller for a very long time. The MH12S has been completely re-engineered and not only features the new 21700-type battery,  IP68 rating, Type-C Charging port, but also 1800 lumens (as the Mh12GTS did, BUT) with a 21,600cd beam intensity! The MH12S's comination of battery, reflector and LED is making it quickly taking the spot of small form workhorse. If you need that 290m+ throw, long runtimes, less temperature regulation than what you'd expect from such power in such a slim body and an IP68 rating (2m submersible!), then stop here - this is it.


We are super excited about this addition to the Nitecore range and definitely our new impact player in the upcoming hunting season!


If you camp, hunt or overland and you need that always -close-by light that although not 100% tactical in design, does boast features to free a hand up for a rifle,  spanner or braai grid, then this is it. If you need a flashlight that will last you 2 -3 weeks out in Botswana with very little Temperature Regulation Interference and almost 4 hours on 1200lumens, the this is it. If you want a light that boasts new 21700-type battery advancements, then this is it. If you need 4 brightness levels, each to suit a different activity, then this is it. If you need a super secure tactical holster, to make this light a true EDC, then this is it


We have fallen in love if the MH12 V2. It's intelligent, great all rounder, very competitively priced, fits 80% of te scenarios that average night dweller will come encounter and has a SUPER SUPER long runtime on high lumens!

  • Technical Specifications

    Max  Output 1800lumens
    Max Beam Distance 294m
    Max Beam Intensity 21600 cd
    Max Runtime 1500 hrs
    LED Luminus SST-40-W LED
    Reflector SMO
    Battery 1 x 21700
    Special Modes Location Beacon, SOS, Strobe
    Beam Colour White Light
    Length 141mm
    Head Size 25.4mm
    Weight 75.5g


  • Package Contents

    Nitecore MH12S Flashlight

    21700 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

    USB-C Charging cable



    Spare O-Ring

    Spare Tail Switch Cover

    18650 Battery Magazine

    Tactical Holster NTH10