Nitecore NDP10

Nitecore NDP10


Skemer's review of the NUP10

Small, Compact, Shoulder or Belt Carry  - The NDP10 is a stunning EDC Consideration. With MOLLE for the Tactical User and slightly more space than just for essentials, the NDP10 speaks to a large audience. We use it in a complimentary fashion to the NUP30. The NUP30 with its larger compartments allows for fixed blades, flashlights, power banks, wallets, first-aid essentials etc, whilst we reserve the NUP10 with its slighty better  with core light, -battery and -multitool essentials only. - in fact, being MOLLE attachable, the NDP10 can slot onto the NUP30 if you wish. When at/on location and the need falls aways for pepper spray, poncho, wallet, etc and all that you're interested in are the  gear for a specific activity, then we pull the NDP10 out - either already populated to spend a few minutes on transferring some gear from NUP30 to the NDP10. Consider the NDP10 for your shooting-, hunting-, utility  -activities. Think specific, not broad

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