Nitecore NUP30

Nitecore NUP30


Skemer's review of the NUP30

Whether your application is EDC or Tactical, the NUP30 excels in making your day or night superb. It's exceptionally lightweight, has anti-scratch and high strength properties and is finished off with a water - and dirt resistant coating. The side and front MOLLE system, makes for always having the important gear readily available, yet properly secured. The main compartment is finished off with one side being hook-and-loop, assisting with securing gear and equipment and preventing it from causing and unbalanced or weight shifting carry.  With the extra long shoulder strap and multiple strapping arrangements, the shoulder carry turns into a chest carry within a few seconds. We've tried, tested and come to love the NUP30. It's proven to be an exceptional bag that market strollers and tactical personnel would appreciate equally.

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