Nitecore NWE30 Electronic Whistle

Nitecore NWE30 Electronic Whistle


Skemer's review of the NWE30:

Backup and thinking about "what if" are good considerations if we take into account the places we find ourselves in or the activities we take on sometimes. Having a means to make your location known to search parties when things go wrong, but that doesn't rely on you babysitting that means or being an extra burden is what the NWE30 Electronic Whistle with 2000 Lumens Beacon Light gives you.


Peace of mind that for 72 hours, every 10 seconds, the NWE30 will whistle at 120db (louder than heavy traffic) omnidirectionally to give you the best chance of being found. The NWE30 automatically detects the onset of night and enables a 2000 lumen, onmidirectional beacon light to further improve your chances.


Rated as IP68, the NWE30 is completely water submersible, providing the comfort than no matter what the conditions are, it won't let you down when the weather turns for the worse.


We've strapped one to each of our hunting- and grab bags

  • Technical Specifications

    LED 4x Luminus SST-20-W
    Maximum Brightness 2000 lumen
    Beacon Distance 360 degrees
    IP Rating IP68 - 2m submersible
    Impact Resistance 1 m