Nitecore P20i + Tactical Holster

Nitecore P20i + Tactical Holster


Skemer's review of the P20i

The Nitecore P20i has been dubbed "The Best Tactical light of 2020". We disagree. We think it's the best one in a very very long time. It has everything going for it. Beam Intensity 2.5 times higher than the MH12GTS (29,500 cd!!!), an over 340m throw (which is 100% doable with that very high beam intensity), 1800 Lumens runtime for 1h30 with zero Temperature Regulation!  The "Strobe Ready" feature is vastly different to "Strobe Capable". "Ready" implies with a button press at any time, you have access to frequency changing strobe lighting. A 21700 type Li-ion 4000mAh rechargable represents everything that's new in battery advancements. IP68 rated certfication implies serious water abuse before damage would even think about stopping by. An lastly....a tactical holster.


This is a tactical unit and although campers, hunters, hikers and overlanders would certainly enjoy this unit, it only has 3 brightness levels (1800 lumens,  280 lumens and 35 lumens), which most that don't find themselves in tactical scenarios would find limiting. As camper and overlander, I'd have use for 1000 lumens flood-type light more than a 1800 lumens intense throw light. That being said, this unit is now part of the arsenal and for what it's intended for, there's nothing out there today that compares.

  • Technical Specifications

    Max Output 1800 Lumens
    Max Beam Distance 343m
    Max Beam Intensity 29500 cd
    Max Runtime 50 hrs
    LED Luminus SST-40-W LED
    Battery 1 x 21700i
    Special Modes Strobe
    Length 142.6mm
    Head Size 31.8mm
    Weight  113.5g
    Features Strobe  Ready, Rechargeable


  • Package Contents

    Nitecore P20i Flashlight

    4000mAh, 21700 Battery

    CR123 Battery Magazine

    Tactical Holster NTH20

    USB-C Charging Cable



    Spare O-Ring