Nitecore TIP SE

Nitecore TIP SE


Skemer's review of the TIP SE:

The TIP SE is nothing short of a robust, no fuss, easy User Interface, super lite (26g including rechargeable Li-ion Battery!),700 Lumen Key Chain flashlight. Its dual Osram P8 LEDs throws a remarkable 90m. Although intended as Key Chain Light, it should make the shortlist if you're in the market for and EDC as well. Its  60mm, flat body provides a fealing of real flashlight, yet still doesn't bother in between car and house keys. The pocket clip allows for the TIP SE to be used as head lamp, when fixed to a cap and 5 brightness levels allows you to use it without bothering those around you....if that's what's called for. The built in USB Type C port allows charging from any USB Supply. At IP54, it will take the ad-hoc rainshower in its stride, but probably won't survive a drop in a pool. It fits perfectly in between the TIKI and TUP and although there are overlaps, their designs and features are vastly different, making the TIP SE still a consideration, even if the TIKI and TUP's already part of your arsenal!

  • Technical Specifications

    Max Output 700 Lumens
    Beam Distance 90m
    Max Beam Intensity 2100cd
    Max Runtime  50hrs
    LED 2 xOsram P8
    Battery Rechargable Li-ion
    Beam Colour White
    Length 60mm
    Weight 26g