Nitecore TUP (Black) (No Custom Leather Pouch)

Nitecore TUP (Black) (No Custom Leather Pouch)

SKU: 209A

Skemer's review of the TUP

It's far more than an interesting discussion piece around the braai. This is 1000 lumens for when you need it, packed in something that weighs just more than a small packet of chips...Simba, not slap chips :-) You're guaranteed to almost always have your cellphone and car keys somewhere close by and although you'd probably only use the 200 lumens most of the time, when you need to reach out to close on 200m, search for all the candles or start the generator when you arrive at home, welcomed by loadshedding or provide more that a generous lighting helping hand around the braai, then this is it. It has an astounding number of features, especially safety features - and this is important - you don't need this one burning a hole though a handbag or pocket. You'll find one on each of our car keys on this side

  • Technical Specifications

    Max Output 1000 lumens
    Max Beam Distance 180 m
    Max Beam Intensity 8130 cd
    Max Runtime 70 h 0 m / 2.91 d
    Battery  Rechargeable Li-ion
    Beam color White light
    Length 70.3 mm / 2.76 in
    Head Size 29.5 mm / 1.16 in
    Weight 53.2 g / 1.87 oz
    Feature Rechargeable


  • Package Contents

    1 x Nitecore TUP flashlight with integrated battery and key-chain ring