Nitecore VCL10

Nitecore VCL10


Skemer's review of the VCL10:

Flashlight, RED Alert LED, Glass Breaker, QC3.0 USB Port and Internal Battery...all in a unit that lives in your vehicle's 12V Socket. Th Magnetic body of the VCL10 allows you to handsfree light up an area when changing a tyre whilst the PV Sensor identifies a change in light intensity (such as oncoming traffic headlights) and starts to rapidly blink its super bright red LED in order to alert cars that you're standing next to the road. The QC3.0 USB port fast charges any USB devices, whilst a built in blue LED indicates that the VCL10 is receiving 12V supply anc charging the internal battery. It's a stunningly handy device for anyone that spends their time on the road.

  • Technical Specifications


    DC 12V 2.5A (Max)


    DC 5V 2.4A (Max)
    Quick Charge 3.0: DC 3.6V-12V 2.4A (Max)
    Quick Charge 2.0: DC 5V/9V/12V 2.4A (Max)