Sea to Summit 1.3L X-Pot Kettle (Lime)

Sea to Summit 1.3L X-Pot Kettle (Lime)

SKU: SKS2S_xKettle_1.3l

Skemer's review of the x-Pot Kettle

Although small-form hiking and biking gear isn't new and neither is collapsable gear, the fact that Sea to Summit combined small form, collapsable with a sensible 1.3l size means you get the best of both worlds. Space-saving when packing, whilst still being able to serve 2 people with enough hot water! Yes, drop the x-kettle directly onto a gas-stove and get boiling! Its broad base is made from an ultralight, hard-anodised aluminium for maximum heat absorption, while the heat-resistant, food-grade silicone walls allow it to flat-pack for compact storage. The tough and light BPA-free, food grade transparent Tritan lid provides easy viewing of contents—so you’ll always know when your rice/water/soup/noodles are ready.

  • Technical Specifications

    • 1.3l volume and 1l safe boiling capacity
    • BPA-free, food-grade heat-resistant silicone and ultralight, hard anodised aluminium
    • Wide, stable base absorbs maximum heat from camp stoves while protecting silicone side walls
    • Two glass-reinforced Nylon 66 handles support the upper rim and improve control when pouring
    • Measurements imprinted on the inside
    • Durable translucent lid shortens boil time and allows finer temperature control
    • A silicone strap secures the lid and handles during transport
    • Collapses to 40mm height