Skemer SKB-102 16,000 mAh Power Bank (Solar)

Skemer SKB-102 16,000 mAh Power Bank (Solar)

SKU: SKB-102

Skemer's review of the SKB-102

The SKB-102 is currently the second largest  Power Bank in the SKB range at 16,000mAh true capacity and features a 1.7W Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel, 5W Wireless Charger, Lithium Polymer battery and fast charging (anything over 2A = fast charging) USB Outputs. Like the SKB-101, the SKB-102 features a high power flashlight, however configured to the front of the unit.

  • Technical Specifications

    Product Type Power Bank
    Solar Panel Monocrystalline Silicon (1.7W)
    Battery Lithium Polymer
    Capacity 16,000 mAh (Real)
    Input Type C: 5V/2A, Micro USB: 5V/2A DC
    Output USB 1 and 2: 5V/2.1A DC, QI (Wireless): 5W
    Size 177mm x 88mm x 26mm
    Weight 450g
    Features High power flashlight, Wireless Charger, Solar, High Capacity