Skemer M1 Camping Light

Skemer M1 Camping Light


Skemer's review of the M1 Camping Light

In the market for a super quality, durable, high performing and versatile camping light? With Cold White, Warm White and Yellow LEDs, this light caters for every camping (or any lighting actually) scenario. A strong spolight and SOS function is a welcoming addition. The M1 is a dimmable light that caters for low cold, warm or yellow, up to its full 660 Lumens through up and down smooth ramping, so stop anywhere in between and fine-tune your lighting requirements. Mobile phone out of power? The Built-in 7200mAh Li Battery not only powers the M1, but through a USB-A output, allows the charging of USB-powered devices. A micro USB input charges the onboard Li battery, whilst indictator lights shows charging progress and battery level when the light is in use. Two Strong built in Magnets and Stainless Steel Hooks secure the M1 practically anywhere. IP65 rated means it's happy to take a rain shower. If flashlights aren't your thing, but lighting is a neccessity whereever you are, but the need for versatility is on top of your prioroty list, then the M1.

  • Technical Specifications

    LED Power: 5W

    Lumens:        660

    Battery Cap: 7200mAh

    Input: Micro USB/5V, 2.A

    Output: USB A, 5V/2A

    Material: Aluminium Alloy

    LED Colours: Cold White, Warm White, Yellow

    Special Functions: Spotlight, SOS

    Dimensions: 67 x 67 x 78mm

    Weight: 268g