Skemer Self- Inflating Mattress (Red/Grey)

Skemer Self- Inflating Mattress (Red/Grey)


Skemer's review of the Skemer Self-Inflating Mattress:

Self-Inflating mattresses aren’t new, but one thing we’ve come to realize, as with most things, quality differs from brand to brand - Skemer stands for reliability and deploying what we sell on our own adventures. An important consideration when choosing a mattress (beyond comfort and size) is insulation. Our mattresses contain a foam layer which not only adds to comfort, but protects whichever side of you body is exposed to the ground. This becomes an even bigger consideration when hanging in a hammock a few feet off the ground with nothing but cold air all over. These mattresses’ uses are endless and range from camping in tents, to having afternoon naps down in the fish river to sliding them into your favorite hammock (hopefully ours? J). We’ve embarked on releasing our own brand of mattress as it complements our hammock- and tarp range perfectly. It’s manufactured from the highest quality materials around and backed up by a contagious passion for everything outdoor!  

  • Package Contents

    1 x Self-Inflating Matress

    1 x Carry Bag

  • Technical Specifications

    Weight 1kg
    Size (Folded) 29cm x 18cm
    Size (Unfolded) 190cm x 60cm