Skemer SKSP-102 12W ETFE Solar Panel.

Skemer SKSP-102 12W ETFE Solar Panel.


Skemer's review of the SKSP-102:

Hiking the Fish River gives you a real sense of having no backup, support and refills. The same same can be said for numerous other self-sufficient trails or complete off-grid camping. Power Banks give you that backup a satellite- or mobile phone, flash light or any other 5V USB input battery product needs, but what happens when the power runs out? A Solar Panel gives you that power in demand during daylight and the higher the wattage, the harder the punch . Charging an iPad, iPhone or Sattelite Phone from zero to full in a few short hrs (less than two for a hefty iPhone 11!)? Certainly. We view Solar Panels as an essential insurance item. It's always close-by, ready to deliver under most weather conditions and small (in the SKSP range's case) to pack in a back-pack or car seat cover. 


The SKSP range are ETFE covered. What's that? An ethylene equivalent to glass and leads to very high efficiency and durability.


The  SKSP-101, SKSP-102 and SKSP-103 have two USB ports on board with built in controller - just plug and charge. No other controllers needed


The SKSP range has three power indicators:

1) Green: Powered (Sunlight received), but not charging (not connected to a consumer)

2) Red: Charging at less than 0.5A

3) Blue: Charging at greater than 0.5A


In our experience, mobile phones and flashlights charge at different rates with the SKSP range early morning (flashlights < 0.5A and mobile phones > 0.5A), however, both charge at greater than 0.5A when the sun's up properly (08h00 onwards).

  • Technical Specifications

    Solar Cell Monocrystalline Silicon
    Power  12W
    USB Output 2 x 5V/2A 
    Open Circuit Voltage 6.6V
    Short-Circuit Current 2.3A
    Size. Unfolded 393mm x 290mm x 18mm
    Size. Folded 195mm x 290mm x 20mm
    Weight 410g
    Lamination ETFE
    Charging Indicators Green: No Current Flow
    Red: Current Flow less than 0.5A
    Blue: Current Flow higher than 0.5A