SKH-26 Plus Hard Case

SKH-26 Plus Hard Case

SKU: SKH-26Plus

Skemer's review of the SKH-26 + 4 Integrated SKH-10's


The IP67 Rated SKH-26 with integrated SKH-10's allows for breaking down hard-case requirements during sub- or onward travels. Travelling to a main location, and needing some equipment to travel onwards or overnight to a different location, but still protected is wat this solution is intended for. The interior pluckable foam in the SKH-10's is layered an not simply a single block of foam. This allows for easier customization and less wastage. The extendable roller handle of the outer SKH-26 case has a black finish and makes dragging valueable, but potentially heavy equipment, around buildings or airports much easier!

  • Dimensions

    Exterior: 560mm x 355mm x 290mm

    Interior: 510mm x 290mm x 240mm