SKL-1.5 IP67 USB LED Strip/Lantern

SKL-1.5 IP67 USB LED Strip/Lantern

SKU: SKL-1.5

Skemer's review of the SKL-1.5

The SKL-1.5 is a 1.5m silicone enclosed LED strip that emits 320 lumens. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it's powered by any USB slot making it compatible with Power Banks, Laptop Slots, USB Wall adapters etc. It's the perfect emergency back-up light option and ideally suited for anyone that needs area lighting at night in camp. Used as strip lighting, its emitting light is very much directional and perfect for work surfaces of flooding. Bundled up into the specially developed carrying back, it acts as lantern and lights up a 75m^2 (a large room) with ease.


A small 10,000mAh Power Bank will Power the SKL-1.5 for up to 8 hours!


It's IP67 rating guarantees that it's waterproof.


Three silicone enclosed magnets that are moveable up and down the string allows for it to stick to campers, canopies, gazebos, whilst the soft rubber cable ties allows for it to be fitted to everything else.


It compliments the SKB Power Bank Range perfectly!

  • Package Contents

    1 x Silicone Enclosed LED strip

    3 x Magnets

    3 x Soft Rubber Ties

    1 x Light Complimenting Carry Bag