Skemer's extremely proud to present a new Power Bank range to the South African market. We are the only South African company to officially import this range directly from the manufacturer - with this then, we have factory backed warranties, quality reviews and inspection and design inputs (hence why you won't find another 25,000mAh unit in this range globally). We had set out to present a range that was both feature rich, off-grid capable through integrated Solar Panels, but also more importantly, accurate about the mAh capacity of each Power Bank and some of them are unnecessarily high :-), but rather have it and not need it??

Our Power Banks have feature combinations that include Wireless Charging for Mobile Phones, Fast Charging Outputs (3.1A!), High power Flashlights, versatility through accommodating multiple input and output options. Please refer to each Power Bank's review and technical specification for details.

Please always remember that the integrated solar panel is a backup means of charging and certainly a massive benefit when USB and/or Type-C -in charging isn't available, however, we always recommend that for time and efficiency reasons, USB-in/wall charging is employed when possible.