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So, we've had a few portable/small form Solar Panels before and some worked as advertised...and others saw the bin very very soon. When we had set out to start promoting a range that we officially source directly from the manufacturer, it had to comply with four criteria (1) Deliver the punch in current to charge large devices, (2)  be as energy efficient as possible,  (3) in case of life happening, try and survive the bumps and (4) be small enough to be out of the way. What you see below are ETFE Small Form Solar Panels. Although they're ideal for hiking, camping, the beach etc. don't write them off for overlanding or general day use. One of these on the dashboard, with the ignition safely off (have you ever killed a car battery because you forgot something was charging inside the car?), takes care of a mobile phone, tablet or flashlight very quickly. 


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